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Educating Exceptional Students

2. Instruction – The teacher uses research-based instructional practices to meet the needs of all students. 3. Differentiation – The teacher acquires and uses specific knowledge about students’ cultural, individual intellectual and social development and uses that knowledge to adjust … Continue reading

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Bridging the Communication Gap Between Home and School

7.1 Communicating with Families Teacher communicates with families about students’ progress on a regular basis, respecting cultural norms, and is available as needed to respond to family concerns. Introduction It is necessary for educators to bridge the gap between home … Continue reading

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edTPA Reflection Part 2

edTPA Reflection Part 2: Assessment Evaluation and Feedback  Assessment 6.3 Designing Student Assessments to inform planning Teacher plans to use assessment results to plan for future instructions for groups of students.  Assessment 6.4 Using Assessment to Provide Feedback to Students … Continue reading

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Instructional Coaching Reflection

I have been working in a cross-cultural educational setting for the past 10 years. During those years I had very little access to professional development training or Western colleagues to share resources and ideas with. Working in this limited capacity … Continue reading

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EDU 6136 Content Methods Course Reflection

Program Standard #2: Instruction Introduction How do teachers meet the needs of all of their students? What kind of ways can teachers engage their students to ensure that they are meeting standards and learning goals? How can teachers support students … Continue reading

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Classroom Management Course Reflection

Learning Environment – The teacher fosters and manages a safe and inclusive learning environment that takes into account: physical, emotional and intellectual well being. Creating a Positive Learning Environment Creating a positive learning environment is the key to having a successful … Continue reading

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Professional Issues/Abuse Course Reflection

Professional Practice: The teacher participates collaboratively in the educational community to improve instruction, advance the knowledge and practice of teaching as a profession, and ultimately impact student learning. Introduction: Professional Issues/Abuse was an insightful and engaging class for me to … Continue reading

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