edTPA Reflection Part 3

edTPA Reflection Part 3: Reflection

 Professional practice 8.2 Growing and Developing Professionally

Teacher welcomes feedback from colleagues when made by supervisors or when opportunities arise through professional collaboration.

 Final Reflection:

I felt like the most difficult part of the edTPA process was writing up the commentary. I had so much observational data (video footage) and assessments that it was a bit difficult for me to choose specific pieces to focus on while writing answer to the commentary questions. I sought the advice of a friend who had also gone through the edTPA process, but we discovered that some of the requirements had changed since she did hers.

I believe that this part was also a bit more challenging for me because I am an online student. Many of my classmates were able to meet with their professors, ask questions face to face, seek advice from other classmates and had access to extra curricular edTPA prep classes. Furthermore, there were parts of the edTPA handbook and rubric that were confusing. Instead of meeting with a professor or colleague I had to email my questions, wait for a response and then answer accordingly. In addition to all of this, I am also a bit of a perfectionist so I wanted to make sure I answered each question so that it met the highest score of each rubric. I wanted to make sure that I presented information of high quality and represented my dedication and hard work to my profession over the past 10 years as an educator.

For those who are about to start the process here are some practical steps and advice:

  • Read through the handbook and rubric
  • Plan your lesson sequence (3-5 lessons)
  • While planning the lesson sequence put together materials and assessments at the same time.
  • Choose 3 focus students
  • Document everything when you teach the lessons
  • Record data and feedback – written and student verbal reflection
  • Video tape each lesson from start to finish
  • Have a colleague watch some of the footage to provide feedback and support in planning commentary
  • Follow the Evidence Chart for submitting the edTPA portfolio found in the handbook. Using this document, as a checklist will help keep you organized.

Part Three Conclusion:

Upon reflection of the whole edTPA process I understand the value and purpose of such a rigorous teaching evaluation. I believe it calls student teachers to a higher standard. While there were times that I would get frustrated by the tediousness of the rubric and repetition of the questions, it did force me to demonstrate and evaluate my own teaching practices.

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