Characteristics of an Effective Educator

I have been working alongside educators for over the past decade and have observed a number of colleagues that I believe are “effective” educators. Effective educators are those who desire to make a lasting impact on the students they are teaching. The following character traits and descriptions are what I believe these educators possess:

Passionate and Knowledgeable in the Content Area they are Teaching:

One of the most important characteristics a teacher can have is passion; passion about the content they are teaching and passion to see their students engage in it. When teachers are passionate about what they are teaching they demonstrate familiarity with the content. It is imperative teachers have a depth of knowledge in the content area in order to help students achieve success and take ownership in what they are learning. To become even more effective, teachers’ can strategically implement instructional strategies so that they can diversify their instruction to meet students individual learning needs.

Organized and Prepared:

Being well organized demonstrates the teachers have prepared what they are going to teach, have planned out activities, and schedules to benchmark what needs to be learned throughout the day, week, month, semester and year. Organization also leads to better time management and classroom management in the classroom and provides students with a day-to-day example of how to become well organized and efficient with their time.

Creative and Positive:

Effective educators posses creativity that flows out of their lesson plans and through the expectations they place on their students. Creativity in the classroom helps create a safe environment for students to express their ideas, exhibit a grasp of content knowledge and allows for individuality. Teachers who positively encourage students and provide constructive feedback will most likely help students feel more motivated and willing to participate.

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